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Welcome to gaondehaat.com

At some point in our lives, we have all heard of, visited, or even been a part of the typically Indian tradition of the ‘Haat’. A ‘Haat’ is a market in a village where people can purchase an array of reasonably priced items. It also provides a retail outlet to the local sellers, where they sell unique products, from handicrafts to homemade spices. The ‘Haat’ then plays an integral role as it sometimes provides customers with items that are not easily available in local shops.

With increasing urbanization and the consequent negligence, the vast catalogue of knowledge and wisdom that sustained and nurtured the Maithil community, is on the verge of disappearance. Local artists of Mithilanchal are faced with a hand-to-mouth existence and are forced to quit their traditional art. There is an urgent need to preserve and rejuvenate these traditions and make them an integral part of our economic development.

Gaondehaat.com is our initiative towards the preservation and promotion of this rich culture of Mithilanchal. A significant majority of the migrated population in India has their roots in the land of Mithilanchal. Our primary aim is to reconnect people with their roots, while also providing a means of economical support to the local Mithila artists. Gaondehaat is working as an online bridge between the local artisans of Mithilanchal and its people living worldwide. We intend to bring this rich culture and almost-forgotten heritage of our homeland right to your doorsteps.